It's easy to submit a new support ticket to Acumium Support!

Support tickets can include issues, bugs, questions, concerns, requests, or just general information regarding your website or other Acumium service. 

As before, you can always create a new support ticket by simply emailing the subject and description to

To submit a new support ticket through the support portal:

1. Access the support home page, or your own Acumium Support account and click the  button

3. On the new ticket page:

  • Enter your own email (if not auto filled out) 

  • Enter the subject of the support ticket
  • If this an Onsite IT request pick an option from the drop-down
  • Select a Priority level for your ticket from the drop-down
  • If this is a trouble ticket and you are able to reproduce the issue, check the box provided
  • Add a Subject line in the What's Happening box
  • Provide a detailed description of how we can help
  • Attach any files required (screenshots of the issue or other related documents)
  • Click the Submit button to send your request to the Support Team

A confirmation bar will show, and a copy of the new ticket will be emailed directly to you. All support tickets have an associated ticket number, you can use this to track your ticket's progress or refer to it as needed.